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Don Jalapeño (Jalapeño IPA)

Don Jalapeño (Jalapeño IPA)

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Jalapeno beer with a mysterious stimulation. It is extremely difficult to add an elegant spiciness and just the right amount of jalapeño aroma, but DD4D's craftsmanship adds an exquisite stimulation to the beer. An addictive jalapeno IPA that combines fresh jalapeno flavor with hop bitterness and tropical aromas.

6% alcohol content
IBUs: 50
Beer Style: Chili Infused IPA
Expiration date: 2023/05/20
Contents: 350ml
Ingredients: malt, sugar, hops, jalapeno (produced in Ehime Prefecture)
Hop: Cascade, Nugget, Centennial
Malt: PILSEN, Wheat, Caramel

One summer day, in the hot sunshine, I decided to have a barbecue party with my friends. Meat and vegetables are on the grill, and the aroma of barbecue sauce wafts through the terrace. Meanwhile, a cold jalapeño beer "Don Jalapeño" came out. Everyone is curious about the mysterious name. Poured into a glass, the beer had an elegant spiciness and the right amount of jalapeno aroma, and when I drank it, I could also feel the aroma of tropical hops. Along with the freshly grilled meat, the exciting taste of beer spread in your mouth, making the barbecue party even more exciting. Jalapeno beer is recommended for those who want to try new flavors for summer barbecues and outdoor activities.

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