DD4D Story

Rows of bottled beer from DD4D brewery in Matsuyama City

What is DD4D

In 1998, when the DD4D brand was born, we were an apparel brand with one store in Matsuyama City. It continues to change its style according to the times, and in May 2019, a brewery opened inside a clothing store. It was born from Yamanouchi's desire to "do what you like without being bound by common sense."

Our development capability is our greatest weapon. We continue to create new beers almost every week, producing over 100 types of high-quality and unique beers over the past three years, winning gold medals at international competitions three years in a row. At the end of 2021 , the production of canned beer will also start in the second construction. Through free and playful "challenges", we aim to be a brand that is close to our customers.

Commitment to making beer

DD4D started brewing in an apparel shop in the center of Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture in May 2019 . Over the past three years , we have created a wide variety of styles of beer using all kinds of secondary ingredients such as Iyokan, jalapeño, Japanese pepper, cordyceps, Buddhist citrus, yuzu, soybean flour, brown sugar, cherry, and hibiscus. Unique and high-quality beer born from a combination of ideas that no one could have imagined has gained strong support not only from customers in Japan but also from overseas. We will continue to create unique and high-quality beer that is unique to DD4D and deliver delicious beer to our customers.

-International Beer Cup 2019-
Herb and Spice Beer Gold Award

-International Beer Cup 2020-
Fruited American-Style Sour Ale Gold Award
Chili Beer Silver Award
Sake Yeast Beer Silver Award
Wood-and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer Bronze Award

-International Beer Cup 2021-
Sake Yeast Beer Gold/Bronze Award
Juicy or Hazy Imperial India Pale Ale Bronze Award

DD4D trial set

A set of 6 DD4D classic beers recommended for first-timers. You can enjoy diversity with all different beer styles. This set is easy to drink even for craft beer beginners and makes it easy to find your favorite beer.

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