Don Jalapeño ドンハラペーニョ


What is “Jalapeño”?


Jalapeño is a green chili pepper representative of Mexico. It's not a very familiar name, but it's actually often used in hamburgers and pasta. “Don Jalapeño” is a unique beer made with jalapenos. A unique beer that combines the world-famous West Coast IPA beer style with jalapenos grown at the Hirokawa Farm in Toon City, Ehime Prefecture.


Why "Don Jalapeño"?


Don means Count in Spanish. It seems to have the same meaning as English Sir or Mafia Boss. In Japan, you often hear Don from "Don Quixote," Don from the entertainment world, and Don from the baseball world. I want this jalapeno IPA to become the Don of the beer industry.


Beer’s Story


After receiving a request from a customer in the past, the development of jalapeno beer started. After many experiments, I finally came up with this recipe. We want to make a beer that customers find “exciting”, not just a trend! The thought is the best.


Enjoy your style


  • ジューンレイ @_June_ray

    Don Jalapeño from DD4D
    Refreshing feeling that you can feel the meaning of jalapeno instead of chili
    Good balance with sweetness, basic beer is good in the first place

  • わたがし @CottonCandy_523

    DD4D IPA + glass set arrived yesterday. First of all, I've been interested in don jalapeno for a long time.
    Almost no spiciness. There is a little grassy smell, but you get used to it and you can drink it at all.
    Don Jalapeño
    Style: Chili Infused IPA
    ABV: 6% IBU: 51

  • kubitaoru @kubitaoru1

    I made salami and cheese pickled in olive oil. My wife made a stir-fried spinach and jakoten. I will have Don Jalapeno of Matsuyama's local beer DD4D. #ビール部 #DD4D

  • イマイマン @gan_balbal

    Yesterday I won the championship with the don jalapeno and pizza with plenty of jalapeno 🤤 The pizza was heavy, but the beer was sweet and bitter fruity and I was able to eat it perfectly 🙌 I ate too much and my stomach is heavy ❤️


  • もふもふ愛媛 @TarouKamikaze

    Dry curry handed down directly from the owner of the old Lalkey
    We will use plenty of summer vegetables harvested in Saijo City for local production and local consumption!
    Drinking don jalapenos bought at Tsuchigoya Montbell
    The strong aroma of hops and the spiciness of green chili peppers harmonize for a different dimension!

  • ポリ子@ブログ2年目×英語 @poriko2021

    Good job!

    Cheers today with my favorite DD4D Don Jalapeno🍻

    A jalapeno IPA that got me hooked after I drank it once✨
    The spicy aroma of the green chili peppers and the bitterness of the hops will make you addicted 🤭

    Red and green labels are also cool!
    I can't help but imagine the streets of Mexico🇲🇽✨



Food Pairing


DonJalapeno goes great with hamburgers and pizza, and is a beer that adds richness and depth to dishes. It goes well with
spice dishes and Chinese food, so you can enjoy your meal even more.


The balance of DonJalapeno's bittersweetness and sweetness matches the hamburger patty and the richness of the cheese, enhancing the deliciousness. In addition, the addition of jalapeno fragrance adds depth to the flavor, allowing you to enjoy beer time without getting tired of it.


DonJalapeno goes great with pizza. When combined with toppings such as bacon and salami, the aroma of hops and the umami of fat match, creating a rich flavor. In addition, when paired with cheese, tomatoes, and vegetables, you can enjoy a refreshing taste with a refreshing and sweet taste.


Brew Hacks


Don Jalapeno manufacture is particular about the timing of adding jalapenos.
The first time is the timing of boiling in the beer manufacturing process.
Heating jalapenos brings out their umami, giving them a deep aroma and flavor.
The second time to the fermentation tank for a fresh, volatile aroma.
The aroma that you feel when you pour beer is born in the fermentation tank.


Owner's Comment


Jalapeno beers are often seen overseas, but they are still not well known in Japan. DD4D's role is to propose a wide variety of beer styles. Jalapeno may be difficult to pick up, but it's surprisingly not spicy, so don't worry.

Keita Yamanouchi


About the beer




Pilsen, Wheat, Caramel Malt



Cascade, Nugget, Centennial, Idaho7



American Ale Yeast









Fresh jalapeno flavor with a tropical scent


Jalapeno umami and malt sweetness

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