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A sour ale flavored with Iyokan, a specialty product of Ehime Prefecture. The pleasant sourness of lactic acid fermentation and the fresh scent of Iyokan combine to create a very refreshing taste. A beer that you won't get tired of drinking on a daily basis. You can enjoy the different scents of Iyokan depending on the season and production area.

Alcohol content: 5.0%
IBUs: 25
Beer Style: Sour Ale
Contents: 350ml
Ingredients: Malt, Iyokan (produced in Ehime Prefecture), hops
Hop: Nugget, Centennial
Malt: Pale Ale, Crystal (EBC140-160)

One evening, when I was drinking with friends in a stylish beer garden surrounded by trees with a pleasant summer breeze, a cold glass was brought in front of me. It was a sour ale flavored with Iyokan. The taste that I drank for the first time smacked my lips, and the pleasant sourness and fresh citrus aroma spread in my mouth. And I enjoyed chatting with my friends while looking at the trees illuminated by the setting sun. Since then, whenever I see this beer, I often drink it. You won't get tired of drinking it every day, and you can enjoy the different scents of Iyokan depending on the season and production area, so you can always drink it with a fresh feeling. When you drink this beer, the refreshing scent of citrus fruit spreads in your heart along with the summer breeze, making conversations with friends even more enjoyable.

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