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NORTH ISLAND BEER × DD4D BREWING collaboration beer set

NORTH ISLAND BEER × DD4D BREWING collaboration beer set

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The collaboration beer with NORTH ISLAND BEER, which has a long history and tradition, which started beer brewing in Higashi-ku, Sapporo since 2003, has finally been lifted. This is a special collaboration that was realized from the time when the brewmaster Mike lived in Hokkaido. Official online store limited set that you can enjoy with DD4D's variety of Hazy IPA. Don't miss your drink!


North meets South 3 bottles (Fruit Hazy IPA)

1 PARTY HAT (Hazy Double IPA)

1 Shikuwasa Shiri Shiri IPA (Fruit Hazy IPA)

1 DD4D Hazy IPA (Hazy IPA)

<North meets South>

A collaboration beer with NORTH ISLAND BEER in Hokkaido has been completed. A fruity hazy IPA with a refreshing citrus scent and a juicy flavor, made with Haruyutaka from Ebetsu and Kawachi bankan from Ehime from the Seto Inland Sea. Please enjoy the scent of Hokkaido and Ehime.

Alcohol content: 6.5%


Hazy double IPA with Citra hops as the main and multiple hops. The pleasant scent of citrus and pine-like hops overflows from the glass, making you feel like you're at a party and want to dance. A creamy and rich mouthfeel that is very satisfying in one cup will make you feel even better.
Alcohol content 8.0%
IBUs: 15

<Shikuwasa Shiri Shiri IPA>

Siri-siri-siri-siri...I grated Okinawan shikuwasa with all my might. A refreshing and easy-to-drink hazy IPA with a citrus hop scent, a fresh tropical scent of shikuwasa and a faint sourness added to a slightly sweet base with a moderate bitterness.

Alcohol content: 6.0%

IBUs: 15

<DD4D Hazy IPA>

This is for when you want to savor it slowly. Can you smell the sweet aroma from the glass? A sip is filled with fruity aromas of mango, peach, passion fruit and citrus. This is due to the yeast and generous use of three types of hops (Simcoe, Sabro, Idaho 7). The slightly sweet and creamy texture will make you smile.

Alcohol content: 6.0%

IBUs: 31

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