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[Official limited] New beer tasting set (with original masu)

[Official limited] New beer tasting set (with original masu)

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We have prepared a "6 types of drinking comparison set" limited to the official online store, including 4 new types of DD4D. Scheduled to be released on October 25th Wood Aged Double Sour Ale (double sour ale aged with wood chips) and brown sugar rosemary seltzer scheduled to be released on the 27th are included! How about experiencing the world of beer full of diversity?



1 SEOSONAL GIFT (American Wheat Ale)

1 Magic Touch (Sour IPA)

1 bottle of Kokuto Rosemary Seltzer (Seltzer)

1 Ginjo Series EK-7 (Sake Yeast Beer)

1 Wood Aged Double Sour Ale


This is for when you want to savor it slowly. Can you smell the sweet aroma from the glass? A sip is filled with fruity aromas of mango, peach, passion fruit and citrus. This is due to the yeast and generous use of three types of hops (Simcoe, Sabro, Idaho 7). The slightly sweet and creamy texture will make you smile.

Alcohol content: 6.0%

IBUs: 31


Fresh hop beer brewed using domestically produced frozen crushed hops "IBUKI" just harvested in the summer of 2022. This time's style is a clean and gentle American wheat ale that uses a lot of wheat malt. Enjoy the floral and faint citrus scent, the freshness of fresh hops, and the blessings of nature that can only be made for a limited time each year.

Alcohol content: 5.0%

IBUs: 20

<Magic Touch>

Sour IPA made with DD4D BREWING secret recipe. The gentle sourness of lactic acid, the soft texture of lactose and oats create a mysterious and delicate texture. 3 types of hops (Idaho7, Sabro, Citra) provide a refreshing aroma of lemon, passion fruit, and grapefruit with a sweet aftertaste of coconut. One sip and you will fall in love with this beer like magic.
Alcohol content 6.0%
IBUs: 30

<Kokuto Rosemary Seltzer>

Hard seltzer is trending all over the world. Hard seltzer is a lightly sweetened and very refreshing liquor. Arranged with brown sugar and locally harvested rosemary this time. The fresh and refreshing aroma of rosemary has risen, and the sweet flavor of brown sugar has been created into a dark seltzer. Once in a while, how about a seltzer for a change of mood?

Alcohol content 5.0%

IBUs: 15

<Ginjo Series EK-7>

With the cooperation of a research institute in Ehime Prefecture, we used the local sake yeast "EK-7" and slowly fermented it at a low temperature for about 10 times longer than regular beer. Enjoy the sweet, gorgeous and complex ginjo aroma from sake yeast, the dry aftertaste, the lingering aftertaste of barley and the bitterness of hops. International Beer Cup 2021 Gold Award Winner.

Alcohol content 8.0%

IBUs: 17

<Wood Aged Double Sour Ale>

The first impression is a refreshing scent reminiscent of citrus, from the delicate and unaddictive sourness of kettle sour (lactic acid fermentation), but gradually spreads a sweet and elegant scent like toasted French oak cinnamon. An elegant sour ale that is so easy to drink that you wouldn't believe it is 8%. Please enjoy it while slowly changing the temperature.

Alcohol content: 8.0%

IBUs: 15

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