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Mango & Coconut Double IPA Set

Mango & Coconut Double IPA Set

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Mango & Coconut Tropical Double IPA3 bottles + 6 bottles of 3 seasonal beers

<2021/5/23 Released> ---ABV8% IBU18---

DD4D BREWING 2nd anniversary & 100 batch commemorative beer!
Thanks to everyone's support, we were able to celebrate the 2nd anniversary. I really appreciate it! We can't meet you in person, but we would like to send you a special beer with the hope that you will smile even a little through our activities. Dunk, juicy and tropical with lots of Sabro, Idaho7 and Citra hops! Add mango and toasted coconut to the already tropical Double IPA to make it super tropical and slightly sour! Indulge in the sweet and luxurious summer scent!

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