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#DD4D Mambo Set

#DD4D Mambo Set

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A shocking limited project has started! !

Limited to 100 sets! !

Limited period of application of epidemic prevention measures! !

Buy this set of 6

■ Free shipping (usually 800 yen)

■ Plus 1 gift (7 in total)

with special benefits! !

Enjoy the #DD4D Mambo Set! !

(Beer will be shipped after the 25th)

Beer is randomly selected from the lineup below! !

●Kawachi-Bankan Seltzer

Hard seltzer is all the rage in America right now. I made the second version of DD4D. The sweetness is modest, the alcohol content is not high, and you can drink it as refreshing as water. This time, we pickled summer mandarin oranges "Kawachi bankan" from Ehime prefecture together with tropical hops to give it a very fresh scent. The label is different from usual because it is a collaboration with Mr. Mugiyado, who runs a local craft beer and inn in Ehime.

●Cryo Brut IPA

Brut IPA that uses enzyme-containing yeast to decompose sugar to the limit. Hop uses Cryo Idaho7 and Cryo Pop Blend. It has an impression of grapefruit, but it also has a tropical feeling like passion fruit and pineapple. It has a pleasant acidity and dryness, and has high drinkability.

●Yuzu Brut IPA

A very dry IPA with the power of enzymes to decompose sugar to the limit. Finished with a specific gravity lighter than water. A beer for summer with a dunk (grassiness) of hops, a scent like grapefruit, and a refreshing scent of yuzu from Shikoku, with a pleasant acidity.

●Honey Ginger Ale

Honey beer with a generous amount of local honey made from wild flower nectar. Shikoku ginger is also added. A floral, spicy, smooth and malty summer blonde ale.

●Cold IPA

First challenge to IPA sub-style "Cold IPA". Fermented at low temperature with Bavarian lager yeast, it has a crispy and slightly fruity base, and a large amount of Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops are used to add tropical and dunk. An impactful IPA that combines the refreshing characteristics of a lager.

● Jalapeno IPA

Jalapeno beer with a mysterious stimulation. It's easy to make it spicy, and it's easy to make it bland. However, it is extremely difficult to add an elegant spiciness and just the right amount of jalapeno fragrance. With an IPA base, the scent of jalapeño and hops are pleasantly intertwined. "Chili-Infused Beer" with high drinkability.

●Ginjo Series EK-3

The third version of the "Ginjo series" that uses sake yeast developed in Ehime Prefecture. DD4D is fermented at a low temperature many times longer than normal products, and the sweet and gentle ginjo aroma of the yeast "EK-3" is tightly confined. Please enjoy a mysterious cup that transcends category barriers.

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