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Just Me and My Lemon Tree

Just Me and My Lemon Tree

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Beer details:

A "single" big lemon tree in the garden of the DD4D brewer's house. It produced a lot of fruit this winter, so I used it for beer without hesitation. A slightly sweet and creamy double IPA that combines the refreshing aroma of yellow-green lemon with the aroma of citrus and coconut hops.

Alcohol content: 8.0%

IBUs: 10

Beer Style: Lemon Hazy Double IPA

Expiration date: May 20, 2023

Contents: 350ml

raw materials: malt, sugar, hops, lemon

Hop: Simcoe, Sabro, Citra, Cascade

Malt:PILSEN, Wheat, Oat Flakes, Golden Naked Oats

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