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Kawachi Bankan Hoppy Wheat Ale Set

Kawachi Bankan Hoppy Wheat Ale Set

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3 Kawachi Bankan Hoppy Wheat Ales + 3 seasonal beers

<2021/10/26 Released>

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American Wheat Ale using wheat, which is the second production of DD4D. It features a grapefruit-like citrus scent derived from Citra and Cascade hops and a mellow wheat flavor. In the aftertaste, you can feel the fruity taste of Kawachi bankan (Ehime citrus). DD4D always has a high alcohol content, but sometimes there is a drink of 4.5% that is easy to drink.

Alcohol content: 4.5%

IBUs: 26

raw materials: Malt, hops, Kawachi bankan essential oil

Hop type: Cascade, Citra

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