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Jalapeno IPA Set

Jalapeno IPA Set

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6-bottle set of 3 Jalapeno IPAs + 3 seasonal beers

<2021/10/13 Released> ---ABV6.0% IBU43---

Jalapeno beer with a mysterious stimulation. It's easy to make it spicy, and it's easy to make it bland. However, it is extremely difficult to add an elegant spiciness and just the right amount of jalapeno fragrance. With an IPA base, jalapeños (produced locally in Ehime Prefecture) and the scent of hops are pleasantly entwined. "Chili-Infused Beer" with high drinkability. Our proud beer with the most repeaters

Alcohol content: 6%

IBUs: 43

raw materials: Malt, sugar, hops, jalapeno (produced in Ehime Prefecture)

Hop types: Simcoe, Cascade, Centennial

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