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Ginjo Series EK-7 Set

Ginjo Series EK-7 Set

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3 bottles of Ginjo Series EK-7 + 3 bottles of seasonal beer

<2022/7/20 Released>

beer review

With the cooperation of a research institute in Ehime Prefecture, we used the local sake yeast "EK-7" and slowly fermented it at a low temperature for about 10 times longer than regular beer. Enjoy the sweet, gorgeous and complex ginjo aroma from sake yeast, the dry aftertaste, the lingering aftertaste of barley and the bitterness of hops. International Beer Cup 2021 Gold Award Winner.

Alcohol content: 8.0%

IBUs: 17

Beer style: Sake Yeast Beer

Expiration date: 2023/4/30

Contents: 330ml

Ingredients: malt, sugar, hops

Hop: El Dorado


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