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DD4D IPA (West Coast IPA)

DD4D IPA (West Coast IPA)

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Beer details:
If you get lost, this is it. A classic West Coast style IPA with plenty of hops. It features a citrus scent from hops, a refreshing scent like grassland, and a pleasant bitterness. The slightly sweet aftertaste of barley is also addictive. It can be enjoyed on its own or paired with a richly flavored dish.

Alcohol content: 7.0%
IBUs: 50
Beer Style: West Coast IPA
Expiration date: 5 months from production Contents: 350ml
Ingredients: malt, sugar, hops
Hop: Comet, Centennial, Columbus, Citra,
Malt:PILSEN, Carapils

During the Golden Week holiday, I decided to have a barbecue party with my friends. The menu is centered on meat dishes and spicy dishes, and when I was wondering what kind of beer would go well with it, one canned beer caught my eye. It is a West Coast-style IPA with a citrus scent and a fresh meadow-like scent from the generous use of hops. The moment you open the can, the refreshing scent will make you smile. It goes well with the strong flavor of meat dishes and spicy dishes, and it was very popular with everyone as a beer that can be enjoyed together. This beer was so perfect for a party that I couldn't help but say, "If you can't decide, this is it!"

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