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Ginjo yeast craft beer feature

和の心を感じるクラフトビール 伝統と革新が交差する、新たな味わいの出会い

For those of you who love Japanese sake, we will introduce a new type of craft beer. The combination of traditional ginjo yeast and the appeal of beer creates a taste unlike anything you've seen before. Let's enjoy the new world of craft beer that will make sake lovers crazy!
In this special feature, we will introduce how craft beer using ginjo yeast (refined sake yeast), which is traditionally used in sake brewing, is born and what kind of taste you can enjoy. In addition, we will also deliver a set of sake beer drinking comparisons and episodes of recommended scenes.
Now, why not open the door to a new beer experience and experience the surprising taste where tradition and innovation intersect?

STORY Encounter of sake and beer

The fusion of sake and beer was born out of exploring new possibilities for Japanese sake culture. With the growing popularity of craft beer, sake brewers created sake beer by applying the brewing method of sake in order to provide a variety of flavors. Its deliciousness and cross-border efforts have attracted the interest of many people and have come to attract attention. A dish with new value that exquisitely harmonizes the elegant aroma of sake and the taste of beer. The fusion of tradition and innovation has the potential to create a new sake culture.

At DD4D, with the cooperation of a research institute in Ehime Prefecture, we use the local sake yeast "EK-7", Brewed using sake yeast. You can enjoy the sweet and gorgeous ginjo aroma from sake yeast, the dry aftertaste, the lingering aftertaste of barley and the bitterness of hops.


KEY TO THE NEXT DOOR (キートゥーザネクストドア)

新感覚の日本酒ビール 洗練された香りと飲み口

The collaboration with Naryu Sake Brewery in Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture is back! Using "Iyogagiya Sake Fermented Rice", which is used for Junmai Ginjo "Black Label" and "Lacquer Black Label" of the flagship brand "Iyokagiya" Low-temperature brewing takes many times longer. The aroma is an elegant ginjo incense reminiscent of white grapes. The taste is refreshing and the bitterness is moderate. With just the right amount of crispness and a subtle lingering aftertaste, it's an excellent dish that goes well with any kind of dish.

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KEY TO THE NEXT DOOR   HIBISCUS PINK (キートゥーザネクストドア ハイビスカスピンク)

日本酒酵母とハイビスカスが織り成す 新感覚のビール

The second collaboration beer with Naruse Sake Brewery in Saijo City, Ehime Prefecture is now available. We spent several times longer than usual on low temperature brewing. The aroma spreads like an elegant white grape, the taste is refreshing, and the bitterness is modest. It has just the right amount of sharpness and sour aftertaste, making it an excellent accompaniment to any dish. We also used hibiscus for a pink finish and added a soft acidity. How about enjoying a new taste created by the fusion of sake and beer?

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DD4D BARLEYWINE 2022 (ディーディーフォーディーバーレーワイン2022)

日本酒酵母×杉チップ バーレーワインの新境地

The birth of barley wine made with sake yeast
An evolutionary barley wine that uses local sake yeast and is slowly fermented for about 4 months. In addition, the DD4D brewing team makes chips from freshly felled cedar trees (produced in Kumakogen, Ehime Prefecture), toasts them in the oven, and then soaks them in beer. A sweet and rich barley wine with a faint ginjo aroma and complex flavors such as caramel, honey, cinnamon and vanilla. Please enjoy not only the temperature change in the glass, but also aging by letting it rest for several years. The expiration date is not set.

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Sake(Ginjo Yeast) beer tasting set

日本酒酵母を使用した ビールセット

We have prepared a set to compare the taste of beer using sake yeast. With the addition of the new SakeIPA (Master Pattern) and 2 types of 4th anniversary beer, you can enjoy 4 types of DD4D beer made with sake yeast at once. Why not take this opportunity to taste a variety of craft beers?

Beer Set

  • Master Pattern (350ml 缶) x2
  • MA-MA-MA (330ml 瓶) x1
  • O-TO-TO (330ml 瓶) x1
5,500円(税込み) Free shipping
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DD4D BREWING ディーディーフォーディーブリューイング

From an apparel brand with one store in Matsuyama to a brewery

In 1998, when the DD4D brand was born, we were an apparel brand with one store in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture. It continues to change its style according to the times, and in May 2019, a brewery opened inside a clothing store. It was born from the idea of ​​​​"doing what you like without being bound by common sense".

Manufactured over 100 types of high quality and unique beer in 3 years

Our development capability is our greatest weapon. We continue to create new beers almost every week, producing over 100 types of high-quality and unique beers over the past three years, winning gold medals at international competitions three years in a row.
Beer using sake yeast won the gold medal at the International Beer Cup in 2021, and is a proud product that represents DD4D.


  • International Beer Cup 2019
    • Herb and Spice Beer Gold Award
  • International Beer Cup 2020
    • Fruited American-Style Sour Ale Gold Award
    • Chili Beer Silver Award
    • Sake Yeast Beer Silver Award
    • Wood-and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer Bronze Award
  • International Beer Cup 2021
    • Sake Yeast Beer Gold Award/Bronze Award
    • Juicy or Hazy Imperial India Pale Ale Bronze Award

Creating a world where everyone can pursue their own path

The idea behind beer is to create an opportunity for more people to take the first step. We aim to be a brand that is close to our customers through free and playful "challenges".

Seiryo Shuzo Iyokagiya 成龍酒造 伊予賀儀屋

"Sake is made with dreams and hearts"

Iyogagiya is a brand of Seiryu Sake Brewery founded in 1877, and has been making traditional junmai sake using local rice and abundant high-quality water. Even today, we continue to be loved by many people as a sake brewery that has inherited the founder's thoughts and values ​​the local Ehime.
The sake yeast used in sake beer such as “KEY TO THE NEXT DOOR” is Iyogagiya Unfiltered Junmai Ginjo Black Label yeast.
Seiryu Shuzo Website


Iyogagi Ya Unfiltered Junmai Ginjo Black Label

We focused on the umami of the rice and finished it in a well-balanced manner. A gem that allows you to fully enjoy the aging changes from early spring to autumn. In early spring, enjoy the taste at room temperature, and in the summer, enjoy it at a refreshing low temperature. A masterpiece of Kagiya that you will never get tired of drinking.

Rice used: Mitsui Matsuyama from Ehime Prefecture
Rice polishing ratio: 50%
ALC%: 15.5%


01 First ginjo beer experience KEY TO THE NEXT DOOR

Today I decided to go with him to his favorite beer bar. He likes craft beer, and I like Japanese sake.
He seems to have ordered a "KEY TO THE NEXT DOOR" for me.
This beer is a ginjo beer made with sake yeast, so it's a bit different from regular beer.
I was nervous at first, but his smile and this delicious beer healed me.
Ginjo aroma reminiscent of white grapes spreads, and the refreshing taste goes well with cooking.
I never knew there was such a beer! This date with him was the catalyst for my love of craft beer.

02 Hibiscus pink to enjoy on your birthday KEY TO THE NEXT DOOR HIBISCUS PINK

At my friend's birthday party, we brought her the KEY TO THE NEXT DOOR HIBISCUS PINK as a surprise gift.
This beer was made with sake yeast.
"This is beer, isn't it?" my friend questioned.
The soft acidity and beautiful color of hibiscus. Share and enjoy with everyone.
Delicious beer and surprise elements made my friend's birthday party lively and unforgettable.

03 The tranquility of the night and the scent of ginjo barley wine DD4D BARLEYWINE 2022

After work, I go home and take a breather.
I decided to enjoy BARLEY WINE 2022 specially tonight.
This barley wine is made with sake yeast and cedar chips add a unique flavor.
As a reward for yourself, slowly pour into a wine glass.
The first bite reveals complex flavors of caramel, honey, cinnamon and vanilla.
By changing the temperature, you can enjoy the change in taste and aroma.
It is truly a bliss to spend a relaxing time while enjoying this luxurious barley wine.
I'm looking forward to another bottle of aging that hasn't been opened yet. Savor the moment tonight.

01 First ginjo beer experience KEY TO THE NEXT DOOR

02 Hibiscus pink to enjoy on your birthday KEY TO THE NEXT DOOR HIBISCUS PINK

03 The tranquility of the night and the scent of ginjo barley wine DD4D BARLEYWINE 2022