KITKAT x DD4D collaboration beer! !

Inspired by KITKAT's new product, KITKAT Snacks, we have produced a new limited-edition craft beer, ``Chocolate Almond Milk Stout Inspired by KITKAT''.
This is a chocolate ale brewed using "cocoa powder" used as a raw material of "KitKat".

In addition to the aroma of roasted barley, the pleasant and fragrant flavors of cocoa and almonds are impressive. In addition, since the stimulation of carbonic acid is suppressed, it has a taste that makes it easy to feel the taste of the ingredients. Due to its slightly higher alcohol content, the chocolate ale brings out the sweetness of KITKAT, while the saltiness of the almonds and soybeans bring out the flavor of the chocolate ale. .

What is "KitKat Snacks"?
This is the first snack snack to be sold under the KitKat brand, and it comes in an assortment of three types: ball-type KitKat, salt-roasted almonds, and rich cheese-flavored soybeans.
The sweetness of KitKat and the saltiness of almonds and soybeans are perfectly balanced.

If you want to drink, retweet the link post! Or if you purchase a set of 5 original beers from the DD4D online store, it will come as a bonus. Comes with "KITKAT SNAX" and an eco bag as a bonus!

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