DD4D 3周年記念ビール 特設ページ

DD4D 3rd Anniversary Beer Special Page

Message from the President

DD4D BREWING Keita Yamanouchi

DD4D was established in 1998 as an apparel select shop in the center of Matsuyama City. We have selected brands from Japan and overseas locally, and have been patronized not only by people in Ehime Prefecture but also by many customers who come from outside the prefecture. I have received it. (Actually, it is quite a long-established store!) In 2019, the brewery business was added to DD4D. After I graduated from high school, I had been away from my hometown for more than 10 years. Since 2016, I have been involved in my dream of making beer at the YYG Brewery in Tokyo, and when I decided to return to my hometown, I decided to create a craft beer brewery in Matsuyama, which is my favorite job. decided at the same time.

I was looking for a property to open a brewery while continuing to live between Tokyo and my hometown for about half a year, but I couldn't find a property that intuitively appealed to me. It was DD4D that I often stopped by for a change of pace. I remember the store manager at the time half-jokingly saying, "Why don't we do it here?" I remember being so excited that I couldn't sleep imagining how the tanks would be lined up there. I immediately persuaded the people involved, created a business plan, established a new company, and went to the bank for advice. We received a manufacturing license in April 2019, and reopened the DD4D BREWING & CLOTHING STORE at the end of May the following month.

Although it was a good opening, it was a three-year period full of challenges. I don't think there is (probably) a store in this world that combines an apparel select shop and a brewery. I don't know how to move the staff, and I remember that I confused the customer many times. I also remember throwing away the 500L of beer that I made for the second time. There was a time when I was worried that even if I could make delicious beer, it wouldn't sell at all. And even though I knew what I needed to do to solve the problem, I felt very frustrated that time passed without me being able to solve the essential problem because my time was taken up by the detailed work in front of me. .

In such a way, it was definitely the presence of my friends who saved me.
Born in Tokyo, Raised in Hawaii, Leah came to Matsuyama to study abroad. After graduating, he worked as an apparel shop clerk in Tokyo, but he came back after the renewal of DD4D. At the DD4D BREWING & CLOTHING STORE, he serves as a link between the apparel selection and the brewery. In addition to serving customers with clothes, he also mastered how to pour beer and change barrels, and has become an indispensable presence in this store.
DD4D BREWING's core business of making beer is without Mike's help. I used to work as a head brewer at one of the largest breweries in France, but moved to Japan in April 2019 to raise my children. Even if I make an unreasonable request, they will quickly create a wonderful recipe, and they will make a series of the most delicious and interesting beers through a careful process. Now, as a director, he is a powerful partner who pulls the company forward.
Sergei joined in 2020. Perfect preparation, meticulous beer brewing, and a deep inquisitiveness about beer have raised the quality of DD4D BREWING's output. The atmosphere is very good with the brightness of the characteristic. I always say, "My dream of working as a professional brewer has come true! Thank you!" Thank you too!
In 2021, Murakami-kun will join Ehime in a U-turn. Marketing, public relations, sales, manufacturing support, they are doing everything that I couldn't do before. He has made DD4D better in a wide range of fields by making use of his universal and high-level comprehensive strength cultivated through his experience working for a global giant.
Part-time staff, designers, and everyone who cooperates are always helpful.

As the number of friends increased, we naturally became able to do bigger things than before. Colleagues gather around the vision I set, and when everyone is looking in the same direction and devoting themselves to work, great value is created. One of them is the launch of a new factory.

In the winter of 2021, the new factory started operation and started manufacturing canned beer. We have been able to do a lot of collaborations beyond the industry because we have spare power. In commemoration of this 3rd anniversary, we have also collaborated with SOE Shirts . Collaboration with other breweries, collaboration events with beer specialty stores, collaboration beer with descendants of Commodore Perry, collaboration with KitKat, collaboration with Beams, collaboration with local soccer team Ehime FC, etc. It was a fun-filled three years.

Although it seemed like a long time, I was so busy that I lost my memory (drink too much beer or work too much) for three years, but thanks to you, the days were very fulfilling.
DD4D BREWING has just started up, but before I knew it, I couldn't believe how many customers were supporting us not only locally, but also from Hokkaido to Okinawa (and even a little bit overseas!).

From now on, DD4D will continue to be a presence that can deliver excitement to everyone without forgetting wisdom, courage, gratitude, and playfulness.

Foreword here, "Cheers to the 3rd anniversary of DD4D BREWING!!!"

DD4D Representative Keita Yamanouchi

3rd anniversary beer


3rd anniversary commemorative beer list

3rd anniversary limited goods

DD4D & SOE Shirts

To commemorate the 3rd anniversary, we have produced a limited number of work shirts and caps with the cooperation of " SOE Shirts ", a brand with which DD4D has been associated for many years and which has been exhibited in domestic and overseas collections.

For the work shirt, we focused on making it comfortable even in the brewery, where work is often performed at high temperatures.

It is made with fittings such as a thick placket and a large collar so as not to spoil the tough look of the uniform even though it has an elegant texture.

In addition, the logo cap uses the same textile as the shirt. The back style uses a magnetic adjuster that is used in industrial products, so you can adjust the size with one touch while wearing it.

3rd anniversary event

Saturday, May 28th

DD4D FACTORY & CURIOSITIES Mitsuhama View on GoogleMap

Holding time: From 11:00 to 19:00

Venue official INSTAGRAM @dd4d_factory

Sunday, May 29th


Holding time: From 11:00 to 20:00

Venue official INSTAGRAM @dd4d_bcstore


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反射炉ビヤ × DD4D BREWING コラボレーションビール「Utsukushi -Beautiful Dawn-」が登場!
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「瀬戸内リトリート 青凪 by 温故知新」とのコラボビール"AONAGI SOUR ALE"が登場
愛媛県松山市のクラフトビール醸造所「DD4D BREWING」と、安藤忠雄氏設計の美術館を改装して誕生したスモールラグジュアリーホテル「瀬戸内リトリート 青凪 by 温故知新」がコラボレーション...
DD4D BREWINGオンラインストアにAmazon Payが導入!
DD4D BREWINGオンラインストアにAmazon Payが導入!
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