DD4Dも話題のCold IPAを醸造中!!

DD4D is also brewing the much-talked-about Cold IPA! !

Good morning everyone!

This time we will introduce you to Cold IPA.

Next to Hazy IPA, the world trend

It is said to be an emerging beer style.

Cold IPA is a lager yeast that is slowly fermented at a low temperature.

Fermented in the same high temperature zone as ale yeast.

・Although it is called an IPA, it uses lager yeast.

- Use a lot of hops.

・The frequency is high.

・Rice is used as an auxiliary ingredient.

What are the main features? for that reason

・Fruit, dry and easy to drink.

・The bitterness of hops is also effective, and there is a response to drinking.

・You can enjoy the crisp taste of lager.

And so on.

The Cold IPA that DD4D is currently brewing is

Characterized by tropical aromas and flavors

Mosaic hops are mainly used with 6 types of hops.

Moreover, using more than double the amount of normal hops,

It will be dry hopped at low temperature.

This is the original recipe of brewmaster Mike.

Ever since I heard the idea from Mike

I can't help but want to drink it quickly.

I think it will be completed by next week and I will be able to deliver it to everyone.

Look forward to the Cold IPA, which is currently attracting the most attention in the world!

Have a wonderful day today!

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