For the usual evening drink, for the first toast
Vivid and refreshing drink

sour ale

Exquisite acidity and richness fermented with lactic acid bacteria
The alcohol content is up to the creator!
(DD4D's standard sour ale "DAILY DOSE" is 5%)

As the name suggests, sour ale is characterized by its punchy sourness . Rather than a specific beer style, it is a generic term for "sour beer".
The sourness that gradually spreads on the tongue is due to the fact that it is fermented using not only ale yeast but also lactic acid bacteria . Thanks to lactic acid fermentation, it is not just sour, but you can fully enjoy the original richness and individuality of the beer behind it.

Among sour ales, there is a style called lambic that uses not only ale yeast but also wild yeast . Wild yeast is a yeast that is made by exposing the yeast to the air and using the action of natural microorganisms . Natural fermentation creates unique and complex flavors for each land and season. Most lambics are made in Belgium, the home of beer making.

This summer was particularly hot, and the two popular sour ales "Kawachibankan Gose" and "Mini-Berliner Lemon Weisse" sold out before the end of the summer. out.

Gose is a type of sour ale. By adding salt and coriander as secondary ingredients, the sourness and refreshing taste are further emphasized. The faint saltiness is irresistible, and on a hot day you can't help but reach out for it.

Berliner Weisse is a lactic acid fermented beer made from wheat. Drinking with syrup is the local style in Berlin. With an alcohol content of about 3%, it is exceptionally easy to drink, and the complex taste of wild yeast weaves together a satisfying drink.


○Wood Aged Double Sour Ale

The first impression is a refreshing scent reminiscent of citrus from the delicate and unaddictive sourness of kettle sour (lactic acid fermentation), but gradually the sweet and elegant scent of vanilla and cinnamon derived from toasted French oak spreads. An elegant sour ale that is so easy to drink that you wouldn't believe it is 8%. Please enjoy it while slowly changing the temperature. >>> online store


Sour IPA made with DD4D BREWING secret recipe. The gentle sourness of lactic acid, the soft texture of lactose and oats create a mysterious and delicate texture. 3 types of hops (Idaho7, Sabro, Citra) provide a refreshing aroma of lemon, passion fruit, and grapefruit with a sweet aftertaste of coconut. One sip and you will fall in love with this beer like magic. >>> online store


A sour ale flavored with Iyokan, a specialty product of Ehime Prefecture. The pleasant sourness of lactic acid fermentation and the fresh scent of Iyokan combine to create a very refreshing taste. A beer that you won't get tired of drinking on a daily basis. You can enjoy the different scents of Iyokan depending on the season and production area. >>> online store


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4th anniversary event information May 26, 27, 28, 2023
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DD4D BREWING 2023 Event Information
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