CHEERS FROM BREWERY! vol.2 IPA - its origin and our line-up -

CHEERS FROM BREWERY! vol.2 IPA - its origin and our line-up -

In the previous article, we introduced the taste characteristics of the beer style "IPA" and its manufacturing method.
This time, we will deliver the history of IPA and the unique lineup of DD4D.

I want to drink delicious beer even if I leave my hometown!

IPA was born 200 years ago.
The impetus was the longing for CHEERS! from British people who had left their hometowns.

At the time when many British immigrated to India for trade with Asia, it was difficult to store beer delivered from England, let alone produce beer, in Kolkata, where there was no refrigeration technology. Meanwhile, London brewer George Hodgson began producing beer that would not deteriorate during transportation to India, even under violent shaking and poor temperature conditions.

Pale Ale, which was shipped to India under the name of "October" at the time, is said to be the prototype of the current IPA. The pale ale, which takes several months to decompose all the yeast and uses a large amount of hops that have a bactericidal effect, is called India Pale Ale.


Introducing the characteristics of DD4D's classic IPA. Please growl and be addicted to the unique IPAs.

○ A classic IPA with both bitterness and aroma!
DD4D IPA (West Coast IPA)

A classic West Coast style IPA with plenty of hops. It features a citrus scent from hops, a refreshing scent like grassland, and a pleasant bitterness. The slightly sweet aftertaste of barley is also addictive. >>> online store

○ I was deceived! I want you to think and drink!
Don Jalapeno

An addictive jalapeno IPA that combines fresh jalapeno flavor with hop bitterness and tropical aromas. >>> online store

○ You won't get tired of Brut (= dry)!
4o'clock LET'S CALL IT A DAY.
(Kawachi Bankan Brut IPA)

A crisp IPA with citrus hops and a very fresh scent of Kawachi Bankan from Ehime Prefecture, resulting in a dry, juicy and easy-to-drink IPA. >>> online store

○ Anyway, you can enjoy both fruity taste and aroma

One sip is filled with fruity aromas of mango, peach, passion fruit and citrus. Yeast and plenty of 3 types of hops ( Simcoe, Sabro, Idaho 7) will make you smile with a slightly sweet and creamy mouthfeel. >>> online store

I'm curious about all of them! Where should I drink from! I hope this guide will guide you through the difficult first decision!

No time to worry! Let's drink it all! The "IPA Drinking Comparison Set", which is a set of 8 types of IPAs, is available from the online store .


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