CHEERS FROM BREWERY! vol.2 IPA - Let's find out your favorite one! -

CHEERS FROM BREWERY! vol.2 IPA -Let's find out your favorite one!-

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Unique hop aroma, bitterness and malt sweetness.
Combined with the gorgeous scent, it tastes great on its own.

Alcohol content about 4.5~10%



“Bitterness of hops? I don’t like bitterness…”
"I think I'll stop drinking high alcohol content today..."
Those who keep away from IPA just by label explanations and alcohol content. Don't be hasty!

Using a lot of hops does not necessarily mean that the bitterness is strong . One of the characteristics of IPA is that you can create a variety of personalities by changing the type of hops used and the timing of addition. The hops are added when the wort is boiling. At the beginning of boiling to add bitterness, and at the end of boiling to keep the aroma from disappearing. The characteristics of each hop and the timing of introduction will change the taste.

(I'm removing the mask for the photo)

The brewer Sergey puts in the hops. Originally worked as a restaurant chef in London. According to DD4D, DD4D's commitment to making beer is to continue to pursue deliciousness with unique ideas while staying true to the beer style.

Double IPA for slightly bitter beer, Triple IPA with stronger bitterness and alcohol. For those who want to enjoy the scent, the West Coast IPA , which uses hops made in the United States (especially the West Coast) and has an impressive citrus scent, is popular. Hazy IPA is a beer style that even people who don't like bitter beer should try.

In this way, IPA continues to branch out and evolve, and DD4D alone has made more than 50 types of IPA . Even if you don't like bitter beer, you're in the mood for wine today, not beer. I would be happy if DD4D could help you find your favorite drink.

It makes you want to drink, and it becomes a habit. DD4D's IPA can be tried in the IPA tasting set (8 types included!) from the online store. In the next article, I will introduce the background of the IPA beer style and the IPA lineup that you can enjoy at DD4D!


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