When I was little, when I mistakenly thought it was juice or something else, I burst out laughing, "It's bitter!" Even now, when I grow up, I wonder, "Why is beer so delicious?"

Why Pilsner still shines today


Refreshing mouthfeel with strong carbonation Bitterness and delicate aroma of hops

Alcohol content 4.6~5.3%

Are we the only ones who feel that just looking at the beautiful, transparent golden color of Pilsner makes a tired day, a good day, or an ordinary day shine in a special way? The pilsner, which is chilled to a crisp and poured into a glass, is the most familiar beer style in Japan since many major domestic manufacturers began offering it. It is characterized by a refreshingly sharp bitterness that seems to follow after it passes through the throat. Pilsner's clear golden roots lie in the degree of roasting of the malt .

We mainly use pale malt called “pale malt” . The original color of the malt has a lot to do with the color of the beer. Pale malt, which is germinated and roasted over time at a low temperature and has a color close to that of the original barley, proceeds to the next process while retaining the power of the enzymes contained in the malt.

Just like we want to go outside during the pleasant seasons like spring and autumn, we can't help but want our enzymes to be active! There is a temperature The tourist season for enzymes is generally in the temperature range of 50-70°C. In the mash tank the malt becomes a paste and enzymes convert the starch in the malt to sugar. This sugar becomes food for the yeast .

You may have heard of “yeast” when making bread, soy sauce, and miso. Its true identity is a microorganism that ferments food by producing alcohol and carbon dioxide. (The reason why bread rises is because of the carbon dioxide produced by the yeast. When it rises, it also produces alcohol, but in the case of bread, it is baked at a high temperature, so the alcohol in the dough evaporates.)

Basically, pilsners use " lager yeast ", which is fermented at a low temperature (5-14°C) for a long time (1 week-10 days). Yeast will continue to ferment while breaking down the sugar left in the wort. Lager yeast breaks down more sugars than ale yeast. The more sugar is broken down, the less sweetness remains, so pilsners made with lager yeast have a cleaner taste.

Pilsner born from "This is this, isn't it?"

The clear golden color is deeply derived from the quality of the water used to make beer.

Dating back to 1842. In the Pilsen region of the Czech Republic, brewers were invited from Germany to learn how to make beer in order to improve the quality of beer. Pilsen was trying to reproduce the brown ale that was made in Bavaria, Germany at the time, using the same method. However, the finished beer was unexpectedly golden in color and had a refreshing taste.

"Isn't this a typical Pilsen beer?"
"Okay, let's call it Pilsner!"

So, if the people of Pilsen hadn't been willing to enjoy the unexpected, there might not have been as many varieties of beer as there are now. Pilsner, which gained popularity in Pilsen, later crossed over to Germany, where it won the hearts of the locals as it has a lower alcohol content than the original brown beer and is easier to drink.

The water in Bavarian was hard water with a lot of minerals, but the water in Pilsen was soft . Soft water with low concentrations of calcium and magnesium has the effect of suppressing the leaching of tannins in the malt and the darkening of the wort.
It is believed that pale colored beer was produced.




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