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All Together Project, Notice of Completion of Profit Donation

The All Together project launched by Other Half Brewing in New York the other day, DD4D also made a delicious IPA, and it was very well received by everyone.

We donated 150,000 yen of the proceeds to research related to the new corona through academist.

This research is not about medical institutions or vaccine development, but from an economics perspective. There is currently little data on how national policies related to the new coronavirus are affecting small businesses, but by conducting a specific survey, it is hoped that it will be useful for national policy decision-making. is.

In Japan, 99% of companies are SMEs and micro businesses.
Most of the beer and apparel industries to which DD4D belongs are small and medium-sized companies. Research that can provide useful data for national policy decisions that greatly affect such companies. attractive.

There is about a week left until the crowdfunding deadline, so please support us ^^

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