DD4D hometown tax

Hometown tax site where you can buy DD4D BREWING craft beer

Hometown tax

Hometown tax is a mechanism to donate to the local government you want to support, and you can contribute to the region by making a donation. In addition, it is a system where you can receive local specialties as a gift in return for donations, and the donations are deducted from taxes . (Click here for details on hometown tax) DD4D has also registered on the following two sites, and has a system in place to make donations according to customer requests, such as regular seasonal craft beer and recommended 6-bottle sets.

Site where you can apply for DD4D

①Rakuten hometown tax

DD4D BREWING Link to Rakuten Furusato Nozei site

② ANA hometown tax

Link to DD4D BREWING ANA hometown tax website


DD4D trial set

A set of 6 DD4D classic beers recommended for first-timers. You can enjoy diversity with all different beer styles. This set is easy to drink even for craft beer beginners and makes it easy to find your favorite beer.

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