4周年企画 DD4Dみんなのチャレンジ|DD4Dの「カッコいい!」をアシストしてきたデザイン担当 SHIGE

4th Anniversary Project DD4D Everyone's Challenge | SHIGE, the designer who assisted DD4D with "Cool!"

Thanks to you, DD4D BREWING will celebrate its 4th anniversary on May 30, 2023. Therefore, we have released a special page "DD4D Everyone's Challenge" with the theme of our vision "Creating a world where everyone can pursue their own path" !

We hope that through craft beer, we can create an opportunity for as many people as possible to take the first step by letting them know about the challenges and off-duty moments of the DD4D members.


How did you get involved with DD4D?

It all started when I happened to pass by the apparel store DD4D on its opening day. The adults I met at the store were really cool, and I was a high school student at the time, so they took care of me a lot. I left Ehime for a while to go to a vocational school, but as soon as I came back, I started designing store fixtures and creating DMs, and from that time on I was getting work. I was involved in the design of the entire store. Originally, I was interested in the world of interiors, not graphics. I'm just thinking about how to make my room cool. I placed a completely different PC called iMac in the room as an object. Then a friend who was familiar with computers taught me how to use graphic software, and I started making T-shirts designed with that, and that's how my graphic work began. At that time, DD4D also sold my own T-shirts. From that time on, the experience of receiving a reaction to what I created has become my core, rather than being satisfied with creating a room with a cool atmosphere or a cool piece of work. I loved seeing how other people were happy and surprised. When I think about it now, I was really grateful for the experience of working with me, who was a fledgling designer at the time. I first met Keita when he was in college. At that time, I had no idea that we would be working together like this. Apparel and beer, it means that I have been working for two generations, parent and child.

Tell us your challenge!

It is to keep making "original" firmly for each work. During production, rather than just coming up with an idea out of nowhere, I incorporate the requests of the client based on the various information I have inside me, such as the size of a beer can and other rules. From there, we find originality and shape it. A combination of information. I would like to keep outputting the calculations I have made in my mind, and take on small challenges one by one. It's a simple thing, but the most difficult part is what I cherish in order to continue my design activities.

Can you tell us the story behind making cool beer labels?

We design under the theme of originality and impact.

I learned for the first time that many craft beer fans care about the jacket when they choose it. We aimed to create a visual that leaves a lasting impression on such people by quickly recognizing it from among the various craft beer designs. I've designed 20 to 30 types of canned beer so far, but I actually can't drink beer at all. However, I personally think that it is easier to expand the image of the taste than people who drink it because it is not drinkable.

My special skill is that, but I'm good at making series, and I design it as if I were changing clothes. Like Don Jalapeño and EL MERO MERO. Is it a brother in combination of color patterns? It makes me think. So is the dot pattern. I think the first one was Lemon Bonbon. The white circles are arranged in an irregular pattern, but if you look closely, they are not perfectly aligned. At HOME GROWN, we changed the color to make it a citrus motif, and at Have a nice trip, we applied it to the balloons floating on the black background. So, rather than struggling every time, I enjoy designing.

If you think about "how to shape the image that the client envisions" as the axis, there will always be a gap between the image and the client. I think that tuning and focusing is where designers can show their skills. Sense and before that. To begin with, I'm self-taught when it comes to graphic design, and I've never been taught or taken classes by anyone. Therefore, even if my proposal is not accepted, I may be able to switch to the next proposal without feeling so depressed. No, I'm depressed (laughs) I guess the scratches are shallow. You don't need to be overly confident. We flexibly build designs that satisfy and impress the client in front of us. Only then, I believe, will it reach the end users who are waiting for it.

In the case of DD4D, I get Keita's explanation of the beer on the back of the label every time, and I finish the design based on that information. It may be a bit old-fashioned, but when I give presentations, I want to be offline as much as possible and get direct feedback. I want to get a feel for what the other person is saying by actually seeing their reactions, such as, "Do you like it?" Also, even when you want to make subtle adjustments to areas that would inevitably be out of sync with just an initial interview, it would be better to talk directly with them. In the case of Keita-kun, there are many cases where one shot is OK (laughs). I think it's in Keita's easy-to-understand and wonderful writing skills (easy-to-understand design manuscript) every time. By the way, the barcode of canned beer has a silhouette of a brewing tank. Keita thinks that craft beer not only connects raw materials and ingredients, but also connects the people involved in making beer and the people who drink it. I was. I think it would be great if there was something I could visually assist with the high product appeal of DD4D. One design I particularly like is the Stone Hummer.

When you're not at DD4D, what do you do when you're off?

In the past, even on my days off, I used to do various things without taking a break, thinking that it was all about absorbing design information. Recently, I've been fishing for bass with a friend, and I've been following a friend who likes plants to visit a plant shop. It's been a long time since I was particularly busy when my two children were small. Parents and children sometimes go around the neighborhood by bicycle. But even when I go to the mountains or go fishing for bass, I can't help but think about the curves of this mountain and the depth of that forest. I hear that when an architect sees a vacant lot, he fantasizes about what kind of building to build on it. That's why it's fun even if you can't catch it. Also, my friends who love the outdoors make me coffee while I'm fishing, and they make me cup ramen for breakfast.

Message to our customers!

When people say "I bought a package" or "The design is cute!" on social media, it makes me really happy. I want to improve my designs so that I can respond to all the DD4D fans, and I want to repeat the luxury of releasing things I made with Keita and reflecting their reactions next time. I am always grateful to be able to incorporate everyone's voices into myself and create a new shape as a design. thank you.


Born in Tobe Town. Enrolled in an advertising agency in Matsuyama City. After graduating from high school, he lived in Europe for a short period of time. Influenced by local architecture and design such as France and Germany. After studying interior design at a vocational school in Osaka, after graduating, he returned to his hometown of Matsuyama and started working as a freelance designer. Currently working as a creative director in a wide range of genres, from space design to packaging, commercials, publications, and event design. I want to see the new design in person and get a real reaction! Mr. Shige. If you see him visiting the Chifune store with a small attache case in hand, it might be a sign that he and Yamanouchi are planning an exciting new work.
Instagram @shigenori__nakamura

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